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Male Fitness Model Categories & Criteria

Male Fitness Model Categories and Criteria

The 2011 ANB Asia Pacific International Championships saw the introduction of the of the first ever Fitness Model event in Australasia. The Male Fitness Model Division comprises of two categories that are distinguished by age group. They are as follows:

  • Male Fitness Model Under 30 years old* (On the day of the competition)
  • Male Fitness Model Classic 30 years old and Over* (On the day of the competition).

*The Male Fitness Model categories may be further divided into Height Classes (ie.Short & Tall) depending on the number of entrants to allow for a more manageable back stage area and allow competitors more room to prepare themselves. This will be decided after the official registration (8th June 2013) and competitors will be advised at the competitor briefing the morning of the show (10th June 2013). It is imperative that all competitors attend the competitor briefing, that will be held approximately 1 hour before show time and doors are open to spectators.

Male Fitness Model Rounds and Judging Criteria:

The event will comprise of 3 rounds:

  • Male Beachwear round:
    Contestants will be asked to walk in their choice of swimwear across the stage. This can include board shorts, speedos. Thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable. No lewd acts will be allowed. Judges will be looking for the contestant with a lean, fit athletic physique and best stage presence who can successfully convey his personally to the audience. This is not a bodybuilding event so no posing or routines are required.
  • Sport Active Theme wear round:
    Contestants will be asked to walk on stage cat walk style displaying sports, active  or theme wear of their own choosing.
    As of 2014 this round has been opened up to include any Theme and not just sport to allow for more creativity. Sport active wear is still acceptable. In all cases the outfit of choice must still allow judges to be able to assess the athletes body and body shape. 
  • Male Evening wear round:
    Contestants will be asked to walk onstage wearing their choice of evening/nightclub wear. Ensure your outfit is stylish, modern and has class and compliments your physique.

Each round will be judged on the following attributes and score percentages

  • Body shape and condition, overall looks                         (40%)
    Body Condition & Overall looks - 50% of Score Judges will be looking for fit, masculine contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall condition. Keep in mind this is not a bodybuilding contest, so extreme muscularity will be negatively scored. We will be looking for athletes who are cover model material, athletic with a lean sculptured look.
  • Marketability, cover appeal and stage presence           (30%)
    Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who have great stage presence and a very marketable look for fitness modeling.
  • Apparel - Coordination, fit and proportion                         (30%)
    Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who best compliment the apparel they are modeling and therefore can suit almost any type of attire.

The Judging Panel
An expert Judging Panel for the Fitness Model Categories will be made up of professionals from within the fitness, fashion and health industry such as Modelling Agents, Professional Fitness and Fashion Photographers, Talent Scouts and Fashion Industry Members, as well as some Internationally Recognised fitness Celebrities.

Audience Favorite/Popularity Award 
Every ticket holder of the event will receive 1 voting card on entry in which they will write (contestant number) their choice for first place male. Voting cards will be placed in allocated ballot boxes in the venue.

Event DVD's
The 2011, 2012 and 2013 ANB Asia Pacific International Fitness Model Championships DVD are available for those of you that would like to familiarise yourself with the running of this event also to view the fantasic competitors that took part in the Events, the individuals stage presence and choices of suitable attire and the awards presentations. Click here for more information and how to order your copy.

Potential Career opportunities.

All athletes who compete in the fitness model and model categories will be included in the selection process to potentially have their return air fares and 7 nights accommodation in a luxury resort on the Las Vegas strip to compete in the 2014 Musclemania/Fitness America weekend in November 2014. This event attracts over 500 athletes from across the globe along with a plethora of media representatives including health and fitness magazines and television networks. It is certainly the place to make your mark and launch a career in fitness modeling.

International magazine exposure through Natural Bodz Magazine.
All athletes will be invited to take part in a photo shoot for Natural Bodz magazine either on the days prior or just after the event. We will be looking for potential cover models and feature athletes.
With the launch of our dedicated US version of Natural Bodz we are now able to provide true international exposure for Australian athletes to the biggest health and fitness audience in the world, in the USA and Canada!

Our goal
To make the Asia Pacific International a stepping stone to bigger and better things for all athletes that compete. To provide both prizes and more importantly opportunities to further the athletes career. We believe that any event should not just end on the day of the show, it needs to continue to provide on going opportunities for the athletes, and especially those who wish to either make fitness modeling a career or just compete at the highest level on a world stage.

Our goal is to provide the fuel to make your desire burn stronger so that you can become the very best you can possibly be. We understand the time, dedication and blood, sweat and tears that go into preparing for events of this kind. We understand goals and needs and we will ensure that the ANB Asia Pacific meets all those requirements and more.

Finally, what is your role?
By stepping on that stage, that’s all. By doing so you are inspiring not only the hundreds of people sitting in the audience, but also the thousands of people across the world who will view your images within our magazine. It’s all about inspiration, never under estimate the power that you have to make this world a healthier place by inspiring others to take part in this unbelievably rewarding lifestyle that we all love so much. Just remember once you step onto that stage you are an ambassador for health and fitness, people automatically look to you for inspiration.

To summarize all that I have covered, the Asia Pacific is much more than just another competition it is a launch pad for those who want it to be, it’s a true celebration of just what can be achieved by following the health and fitness lifestyle. It’s all about opportunities, exposure and recognition, everything an athlete deserves.

Train hard and lock in the 7th- 9th June 2014 on your calendar for the biggest opportunities and rewards you have ever dreamed of. It’s your time to shine.

Yours in health and fitness

Steve Jones